The HOST Program

The HOST (Helping our Students Travel) Program is an important program that helps connect fourth-year medical students traveling for residency interviews with alumni. Alumni volunteers agree to host a student in their home as a way to help reduce medical students' travel expenses and help them become acquainted with the local area.

Here's How the Program Works

  • Alumni sign up online or through the mail to host a student overnight at their home while s/he is in the alumnus’ city interviewing for residency. 
  • Students submit requests, usually between November and January of each year, for a host in the cities where they will interview for residency. A student may only make 5 host requests to allow for as many students as possible to be placed.
  • The Alumni Office matches students with hosts based upon availability.
  • Once matched, hosts and students are contacted regarding how they should proceed with the student’s visit.
  • Students are required to contact their host as soon as they receive the host's information.
  • Hosts are not required to provide meals or transportation for students while they are staying with them. However, hosts are encouraged to provide basic assistance to allow the student to see what life is like in the area and local medical community.
  • After the visit, students and hosts are asked to fill out a follow up form explaining their experience and how we can make the HOST program more effective.

Alumni Sign-up Student Sign-up

For more information on this program, view the FAQs or contact the Alumni Office at 706-737-1759 or




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