Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Roy Witherington (MD '53)

Why I come home for Alumni Weekend

How long have you been coming to Alumni Weekend?

For as long as I have been a graduate of MCG except from 1953-56 for service-related reasons. I was absent only one other time when I was on a trip out
of the country. So basically, when I was in the United States, I was at Alumni Weekend.

Why is it so important to you?

I want to come back to reunions to see people and maintain some sort of connection, because you form friendships and you want to continue that always. There is always a loyal core that will come back, and those are the ones who are usually your loyal friends.

What is your favorite Alumni Weekend memory?

When I received the Distinguished Alumnus Award for Loyalty in 2005.

What events/activities do you most look forward to?

The Friday night events: Dean’s Reception and the MCG Alumni Association Banquet are my favorites. Of course, the class reunions would top everything.

Has the university’s name change caused you any hesitations to come back?

No! I could never understand why a person would not want to come back to his/her alma mater.

Would you encourage other alumni to support their alma mater?

Yes, I certainly would—I owe my good fortune to MCG; it has made me what I am today. MCG did not have to accept me as a student. By doing so, it allowed me to have a distinguished career, and the best part of it all is that I loved my work.






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