Lumin Society Requirements


Lumin Society Student Ambassadors will attend all regularly scheduled meetings.  Four meetings will take place every month throughout the school semester.  A member may only miss 2 regularly scheduled meetings during a year.

All Ambassadors must attend a scheduled retreat at the beginning of each school year. This retreat will consist of team building activities, training, and lots of fun!

Event opportunities

As an extension of the Office of Advancement, Ambassadors will be required to work specific VIP, Donor, Alumni and Advancement events including: The President's Holiday Party, The President's Gala, Holiday Tree Lighting and Alumni Weekend. 

Throughout the year, groups on campus may ask the Ambassadors to assist with various events.  Ambassadors must complete 5 hours of service at various events of their choosing each semester.  These hours may not include work at required events.  Event calendars will be sent out each month for Ambassadors to sign up for these volunteer opportunities on a first come first serve basis.


Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Exceptions may be granted on an individual basis depending upon the circumstances (i.e., meeting time coincides with class time/test, away rotation, family members wedding coincides with event, etc.).  All Ambassadors must notify their Vice President if they are unable to maintain their requirements.  The Vice President will work with the Ambassador Advisor to determine a suitable service replacement for the Ambassador.




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